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Active Summer

Activity levels tend to increase in the Summer as better weather and longer days permit. Chartered Physiotherapists can keep you exercising safely, whether you’re peaking for performance, or just getting started.

Why focus on Active Summer?

The Summer season in Ireland is where most of our sporting seasons and activities jump into life. With that in mind, we will have beginners starting out on new activities, and experienced athletes looking to perform their best around this time.

The Active Summer campaign will focus on:

  • Managing sports-related injuries
  • Peaking for performance
  • Offering novel ways for people to get involved in outdoor activities

The Summer provides a huge opportunity to boost our physical wellbeing and have fun while doing it, we hope you’ll take something from our campaign!

The Role of Physiotherapy in Sports Participation

Chartered Physiotherapists have a significant input on general sports activities, both for individual and team sports, some examples include:

  • GAA rehabilitation
  • Lifting technique and form in the gym
  • Gym programming for optimal benefits
  • Fitness work in pre and post season training
  • Recovery between trainings and/or events

What will a Chartered Physiotherapist do for me?

This really depends on your current goals and activity levels.

If you’re preparing to compete in an event or big match, your physio can advise the appropriate taper to your training to leave you in the best position possible to perform.

If you’re struggling with injury and overtraining between your various commitments, your physio can help you manage the load of your training while prescribing rehab exercises to strengthen your body and make it more resilient to the demands placed on it.

If you’re starting out with a new activity or exercise, a physio can offer programming to build up your proficiency, strength and fitness in a safe way!

What can I do?

You have the final say on what you put yourself through this Summer. Mindful training is the name of the game through the Summer, we want you to do as much as possible, as safely as possible.

This may mean you’ll have to sacrifice a run, or a training session in order to make sure you’re better able to take on the next one; your health is the number 1 priority.

If you foresee a busy schedule ahead of you, we would strongly advise you get in touch with your local Chartered Physiotherapist using our Find a Physio tool!


Benefits of Mindful Training

  • Lower risk of overuse injury
  • Better prepared for the important events
  • Better training quality
  • Less aches and pains between activities
  • Improved health



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Find a Chartered Physiotherapist

Use our Find a Physio tool to find a Chartered Physiotherapist working in your area


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