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Arthritis is the most common joint condition affecting more than 350 million people worldwide. We hope to provide you with actionable information and dispel the myths associated with its most prevalent form; osteoarthritis.

Why focus on Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis in our experience is viewed by many as a condition with no means of treatment. While there is no cure, action can still be taken to delay its onset and maintain as much joint function as possible.

It is our duty as authorities on the matter and caregivers to share the most recent and relevant information on osteoarthritis with the public so they know the tools available to them and how a Chartered Physiotherapist can support them.


How does Physiotherapy work with Osteoarthritis?

Treatment begin with an assessment of the affected joint(s). Most of the time your local Chartered Physiotherapist will be able to give advice based on the presentation of symptoms, but in some cases you may be referred to a hospital for diagnosis which may take the form of a blood test.

From there a Chartered Physiotherapist may prescribe an exercise plan and check-in regularly thereafter. In very severe cases the use of pain relief and/or surgery may be recommended.

What can a Chartered Physiotherapist do?

A physiotherapist can help you manage your condition and continue (or return to) an active lifestyle and doing the things you enjoy. The aim of treatment is to manage pain, keep joints mobile and help people stay active and healthy by developing safe, personalised exercise programs.

What can I do?

If you’re struggling with sore joints but are unsure of what to do, the best course of action is to seek the advice of your local Chartered Physiotherapist. They may recommend some lifestyle changes or exercises to manage joint mobility and pain.

If you’re familiar with your arthritic condition, make sure you’re keeping up with your exercises to maintain your joint function. If these exercises are causing pain, discuss this with your Chartered Physiotherapist to find if there are less aggravating exercises you can perform.


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