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New to physiotherapy and telehealth?

What is Telehealth?

With Telehealth, it is now possible to access healthcare services from the comfort of your own home using a digital or mobile device (computer, tablet or mobile). Telehealth facilitates online consultations with physiotherapists, removing the need to travel. Telehealth makes lives easier for anyone living in rural or remote locations with limited access to health services, or for those living with disability or mobility concerns.


What to expect from your consultation?

Telehealth appointments operate similarly to face-to-face appointments that take place with your physiotherapist.

  • You will first discuss your condition with your physiotherapist
  • You may be asked to provide a detailed description of your concerns and answer questions from your physiotherapist as they assess your condition
  • You may be asked to perform certain movements that will allow your physiotherapist to examine your condition as they monitor you on the screen of your digital device or phone
  • Your physiotherapist will then discuss the findings of your assessment in detail and provide information and advice concerning your condition
  • Exercises may be prescribed to improve your condition, which can be shared via video or by downloading an app recommended by your physiotherapist
  • Physiotherapists will monitor your condition, track your progress and adjust your treatment in exactly the same way that they would in a clinic appointment

How do I connect with my physiotherapist?

  • Most physiotherapists will provide a simple and easy method for you to connect with them. It is unlikely that you will need to install any software or programs to attend your appointment.
  • For example, you may receive an email from your physiotherapist with a link for you to click to access your online appointment
  • The most important things you will need for your telehealth appointment are the following:
    1.  Computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device with a functioning microphone and camera
    2.  Strong and reliable internet connection
    3.  Quiet and suitable space where you can move around if the physiotherapist may need to assess you

Safety and Privacy Concerns/Risks

  • Telehealth physiotherapy consultations allow you to continue your treatment uninterrupted, reducing the risk of further injury or health deteriorations
  • Online consultations are equally as safe as regular-face-to face consultations
  • Your physiotherapist is trained to guarantee your safety and will carefully assess all potential risks
  • Your physiotherapist may advise you to have a support person with you if they identify any potential risks, or they may recommend you not to use telehealth if they do not believe it is a safe and suitable treatment option for you
  • All physiotherapists will maintain the same privacy standards for online consultations as they would for clinic appointments
  • For example, if they wish to record images or videos of your consultation, they will ask for your permission first

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