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Ageing Well

Ageing is a complex process. Lifespans are increasing and older adults are living with multiple co-morbidities. We hope to bring awareness to the many things we can do to increase our longevity and live healthily for longer.

Why focus on Ageing Well?

With the advancements in healthcare, we now have the potential to live for longer than ever. However there is still an element of acceptance when it comes to older adults experiencing falls, deteriorating physically and contracting illnesses. While the ageing process naturally has an impact on muscle mass, strength and function, living a healthy and active lifestyle should still be the target for all.

As part of the gerontology caregiving team, we can share strategies and our knowledge on how to do that.

How does Physiotherapy work with Older Adults?

Chartered Physiotherapists are well-placed to assist older adults in maintaining and improving where possible, their physical and functional independence. We can use exercise to improve strength and balance and address the significant concern of falls in this population. In treating the older adult, a physiotherapist must draw on all their knowledge of anatomy and physiology along with the three main domains of rehabilitation (neurological rehabilitation, musculoskeletal rehabilitation and cardiopulmonary).

Working with older adults means working within a wider multidisciplinary team to achieve meaningful outcomes for older adults such as maintaining functional independence and living at home for as long as possible.

What can I do?

If you feel you’re losing your usual mobility, fitness or energy, it may help to adopt a ‘use it or lose it’ attitude and take action. If you’re unsure of how to start getting active at your age, contact your local Chartered Physiotherapist and get advice on an activity plan you can follow safely and that you can enjoy!

As our resource and links below suggest, the saying that age is only a number is becoming more and more true. Don’t let your age stop you from feeling strong and capable.


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