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Physiotherapy can be used not only to get fit, but to help us stay fit. As we age, our body changes. Physiotherapy can help us reduce the impact of these changes and help you stay fit, healthy and independent. For example, your physiotherapists can;
• Advise on a healthy lifestyle that suits you
• Help you recover from a heart attack or stroke
• Help you to manage conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, or Parkinson’s.
• Provide exercises to promote strong bones and improve your balance and muscle strength
• Get you back on your feet after a knee or hip replacement
• Teach you how to get up after a fall


Physical Activity

You can play a key part in your story of successful ageing. Physical activity is a simple addition to your routine that will lead to lots of health benefits. In order to maintain or improve our physical health – regardless of age – we need to build physical activity into our daily routine. Ideally we need to reach 30 minutes per day most days. Physical activity can reduce your risk of developing a range of medical conditions. The more the better! Sometimes certain activities can become harder as we age. For example, walking can be difficult for some people, especially getting outdoors to your local shops for a pint of milk.
A Chartered Physiotherapist can work with you to find an activity that you enjoy and modify it so you can take part in it and reap the benefits! Physiotherapists can also advise you on how to use exercise designed specifically for you to maximise your ability and the benefit gained. By taking part in strengthening exercises you can maintain your bone and muscle strength giving you more resilience as you age.

Stay Connected

We are all inherently social creatures. Sometimes as we age we can find it harder to keep those connections, especially if we are less able to get out and about. But social participation whether it’s meeting friends for coffee, attending a local exercise class or giving an old friend a call, is a key ingredient in positive ageing- 10 minutes of social interaction increases brain performance. Hobbies and interests help protect these connections and often double up as a good workout for your body and mind!

From the moment we are born, we are ageing. Therefore, it’s never too late to start laying down the groundwork for “positive ageing”. If you need some guidance on how to return to activity or help finding something suitable for you, a Chartered Physiotherapist will be able to help!


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