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Advice and information for people with ankle pain

The ankle comprises of three joints allowing your ankle to move freely in multiple directions.  Strong ligaments hold the ankle complex together and numerous muscles and tendons surround these joints giving the ankle the stability and the control that it requires to function effectively.

A ligament sprain sustained from an ankle twist is a common injury, especially in sports and can cause damage to the outer lateral and/or the inner medial ligaments.  In more severe cases, a fracture of either of the ankle bones can occur.  A high ankle sprain can also occur resulting in an injury to the ligaments and fascia that binds the lower shin bones.  The severity of an ankle sprain can range from a mild grade 1 sprain with microscopic tears of ligament fibers to a grade 3 complete ligament rupture.

Injury to the tendons that cross the ankle can also occur from sudden trauma or force or as a result of repetitive overuse strains.

How can Physiotherapy Help?

Your physiotherapist will be able to identify which structure you have injured and it’s severity.  Treatment to reduce pain, improve ankle mobility and to regain proprioception of the ankle is important after an injury.  It is very important to see your physiotherapist post ankle fracture or surgery, so as to reduce pain and swelling and to recover ankle mobility and function as much as possible.



The content on this page is provided for general information purposes only and is not meant to replace a physiotherapy or medical consultation.

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