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Irish Life Dublin City Marathon

We are delighted to support the Irish Life Dublin City Marathon. We have created resources to help you achieve your marathon goals.

Tips for Running in Your First Marathon!

Your first marathon. Fantastic! Here are some top tips from the Physios here at PMC Physiotherapy to help you enjoy the training, stay injury free and allow you reach the finish line.

  • Start training EARLY – if you haven’t started yet for this year’s marathon, it’s already too late. For first-time runners, give yourself a few months to gradually build up the mileage in your legs.
  • It’s not all about running – of course running is the name of the game in a marathon, but don’t skip out on stretching, foam rolling, mobility work and otherwise caring for your body to prevent injury.
  • Prioritise volume before pace – Slowly build your weekly volume of running over 3 months. This will allow your body adapt to the stress of the run. You have then earned the right and the fitness to start some paced runs. Intervals, Tempos, Hills. Once you start into faster sessions, your slow, recovery runs need to be exactly that. Slow.
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Returning to Running After a Pulled Muscle

While we hope this doesn’t happen to you, it’s important to have the tools to manage your return to exercise and running, particularly if you sustain an injury in your marathon prep!

The article linked below gives a detailed account of Chartered Physiotherapist Patrick Carroll’s return to running following a calf injury. Take note of his load management through the rehabilitation process and graded return to full training again.

Have You Ever Pulled a Muscle?

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